Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Tate Author gives first book to former teacher

Publication:Daily American Republic; Date:Aug 24, 2009; Section:Front Page; Page Number:1A

By JOHN WILLEY Staff Writer

“When kids are successful, you’ve done your job,” Judith Potter said about one of her former students who has had his first book published.

He was “of my bright shining stars,” she said.

To thank Potter for her encouragement, Nelson presented her with a copy of one of the first editions with a thank you note written on the title page.

Nelson credits Potter for his desire to write. As a 10-year-old student, he began writing stories and gave the first copy of to Potter. When it was read in class, some students liked it and some were critical.

“Mrs. Potter believed in me and encouraged me, “ Nelson said.

It was that encouragement that led Nelson to present Potter with a copy of, “A Night with St. Nick,” which is printed by Tate Publishing and Enterprises.

The story takes place in present day and helps a boy learn about Jesus through Santa Claus. It answers questions about how Santa Claus gets all over the world in one night.

Nelson, who lives in Springfield, has five more books in progress. He said he will work on one until he gets tired of it, then he will pick up one of the others and work on it. Although his first book is borderline juvenile, his other books are adult novels.

He derives his income from working as a bank teller, but he is an author first, teller second.

Nelson said he decided about a year ago that he was going to be published. He had two rejections. Then, the “third time was a charm,” he said.

It was encouragement from his wife, Diana, and Potter that helped him with the project.

“If a child grows up to be successful then a teacher has done their job,” said Potter, who is retired after teaching for 34 1/2 years.

Nelson’s book sells for $12.99 and is available at Barnes and Noble or can be ordered on the Internet at www.tatepublishing.com/ bookstore. A trailer for the book is available on You-Tube.

Photo by- DAR/Corey Matthews Judy Potter recieves a copy of ‘A Night with St. Nick” from Adam Nelson, one of Mrs. Potter’s former students. Nelson credits his success to Mrs. Potter for her encouragement and belief in his writing ability.

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